Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Had some good news!

I have hads some good news today from Sharron Martin (DecoDesigns) that she wants me to be part of the team.
Here are a couple of pictures of samples I have made for DecoDesigns.

DecoDesigns Sample Gallery Click here

Friday, 9 December 2011

What am I up to

Hi all at the moment im doing some DecoDesign sample for Sharron Martin, im having fun with it, go and have a look in my gallery and see you think of it

Monday, 5 December 2011

Welcome to my Blog

Now I have got my own blog yay! My hobby is crafting, I started off doing cross-stitch and it take ages and can never get anything done anyway found card making more fun and I can get something done.
I have made cards in the past using decoupage and printed sheet out but now this is my future that I have learned lots by going to craft club and using YouTube and Facebooks been a great help too. My cards have improved from when I first started doing them. People say my cards are coming on really well. So I have been crafting for 6 years now. I do make a lot of mess when I’m making cards lol, well that’s what crafters do and I love using punches, die-cut and stamps I also love colouring the stamped images in.
I have made friends with Dawn and I had an idea of giving them a website which my husband does as a hobby. He helped set one up for the group which also doubles as Dawns Blog so he now involved with me and the group. I’m happy as I have the honour being admin by Dawn.
I made wedding invitations for my sisters wedding. I have made cards for a Mum’s and tots group I go to for them to give to the Children on there Birthday.
I would in the future like to become involved in making samples for company’s to show what there products are like.
Here are some photos of some flowers I have learned to make and fell in love with making them. I thought I would share them with you which might give you some ideas.